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My Story

A passion for creating indulgent, hip and healthy treats stems from experimental recipe testing with my mum, shifting from Indian food to sweet dishes and plant-based recipes.

Plant-based Recipes

After developing dietary intolerances, I struggled to satisfy my sweet tooth whilst restricting and isolating food groups. This led me to change my eating habits, encouraging a natural and sustainable lifestyle without additives, preservatives or refined products. The surging necessity for plant-based recipes has also led me to create some of the most delicious vegan treats.

My uncontrollable sweet-tooth and desire for transparency in the confectionary market led me to create wholefood treats without sacrificing taste. I have always liked the idea of baking without too much sugar, as there are major health concerns regarding the excessive consumption of this product. It seemed that finding healthy pudding recipes was too big a challenge, hence Pri’s Puddings was created.

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After studying at Cambridge University, I traded my reliable job as a business consultant to pursue what I was truly passionate about, and started up Pri’s Puddings. With customer satisfaction in mind, paying close attention to comments and suggestions insures the highest quality, every time.